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How to...

... find accommodation:
Choose from a luxury hotel to a private villa and from low budget rooms to mansions, traditional houses, studios, apartments and why not… a beautiful camping site! A room with a view, a room by the beach, a peaceful room, a room under the stars…
For more information click on our Business Guide (left) or contact the Municipal Tourism Office when the season starts at: +30 22530 71347. 
Email: tourism@mithymna.gr and EOT in Mytilene. Tel.: +30 22510 42511

... find out what to eat, where to dine and what to try:
The Restaurants and Related Trades Association of Mithymna
was founded to offer you a taste of tradition on your everyday holiday plate! Tavernas with food “just like the good old days”, modern cuisine in a fresher ambiance, tavernas with live Greek music, ovelistiria, cafés, bistros ... you will find whatever your heart desires.
For more information: www.molivoswinendine.com 

call a doctor:
Medical Center of Molyvos, Tel.: +30 22530 71333
Health Center of Kalloni, Tel.: +30 22530 22410
”Vostaneio”, Hospital in Mytilene,Tel.: +30 22510 58 444

... exchange money:
NATIONAL BANK OF GREECE, Tel.: +30 22530 72165
COMTRAVEL, Tel.: +30 22530 71900

... do some shopping:
Fruit and vegetables. Whether from small local grocery stores, or from roaming salesmen selling directly from their donkey or truck, you will find the freshest of fruit and vegetables!
Fish. Buy the freshest of fish at the port directly off the fishermen’s boats, literally moments upon their arrival after a long day or night at sea. Or just knock on Vaggeli’s or Eleni’s door down by the harbor. Otherwise, you may find various merchants selling the fisherman’s catch of the day, throughout the village either on foot or from their “ice-box” vans.
Clothes. At the harbor, or the main market, you will find shops that sell good quality clothes or the 1 euro swimming costume you need because you left yours behind!
Medicine. Pharmacies only cell medicine and they are open all day apart from siesta time, of course! It’s always best to check the timetables at the door of each pharmacy.
Co-operatives. Local co-operatives such as the Women’s co-op and the Agricultural Co-op do have delicious local ‘treasures’ for you to discover. From the finest of olive oil to homemade “kritharaki” (our version of pasta) liqueurs, cheese and so on and so on…

help a neglected animal:
There are a lot of people who help with the cats and dogs. It’s best if you ask at the Tourist Information Office.

... protect the environment:  
It is very difficult to act on any recycling methods in a small village in Greece but we have been doing progress. All the used oils from restaurants and hotels are being collected in specific receptacles and transported to Athens in order to become organic fuel. We have been trying to promote the products that are being sold in glash returnable bottles rathen than non-returnable. Also the black oils from boats and other machines are collected, the batteries at numerous places like the bank, electrical appliances outside the hardware store of Karantonis in Petra, electric bulbs at Karantonis and at the bank.

... make a phone-call abroad:
Calling Cards are sold only at the Post office, which is open daily from 8:00 a.m. until 1:30 pm. Local phones, where card phones may be used are located in various positions throughout the village, i.e. one may be found opposite the Municipal Tourist Office at the entrance of the village.
Prepaid phone-time can be bought from mini-markets or kiosks. Use the indicated code to make your call from any phone.

... post items:
Yellow boxes of ELTA are located at key points throughout the settlement. The mailboxes are emptied daily and their contents depart for their destination immediately.

... claim lost or found items:
Police Department. Opens Mon-Fri from 9a.m. to 2p.m. and it is located near the Kyriakou square.
Telephone: +30 22530 71222.
The Municipal Tourism Office. Open Mon-Sat, from 10am to 5pm during the summer season (timetables change). Located at the entrance of the village, next to the Greek National Bank.
Telephone: +30 22530 71347. Email: tourism@mithymna.gr 
Municipal Sector of Mithymna. Located between Kyriakou Square and the Church of St. Panteleimon. Open Mon-Fri, from 8am to 2pm.
Telephone: +30 22530 71313.

... find out about the bus schedules:
Timetableas are up on boards by the main stop in Molyvos and at the Municipal Tourist Office, which is 50m after the bus stop, on the left next to the National Bank.
Bus Routes throughout the island. Information on routes to various destinations throughout the island as well as on routes within the local area of Mithymna can also be enquired at the following number: +30 22510 46630.
Local buses in Mytilini. Information regarding the local bus services within the city of Mytilene and the nearby airport region may be found at the above number but also at the Municipal Tourist Office.
Due to the fact that bus routes change frequently depending on the time of year, it is advisable to the Central Bus Station in Mytilene (KTEL), in order to confirm bus schedules prior to travel.
Tel.: +30 22510 28873


the unspoiled beauty...

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